Sampling and Packaging

How to properly collect your samples for testing

Cannabis Sativa, also known as hemp, must be sampled by following guidelines provided by the Texas Department of Agriculture. A “lot” is a known area where hemp is grown and is also registered with the Department of Agriculture.

When sampling a lot to obtain quantifiable data for THC, the procedures and guidelines must be practiced consistently to support fair regulation and promote stable industry growth.

Table showing minimum sample size

Table 1

Sampling methods require a composited homogeneous representative sample of the lot.  This means sampling from a variety of portions across the lot so that the sample equally represents the lot.  

Direct plant sampling of the “Flower material” sufficient to meet the laboratory acceptance criteria must be achieved using a grid pattern on each lot, 15 days or less from harvest. 

The USDA has provided Table 1 showing the number of sample portions to be taken depending on the size of the lot.  The larger the lot, the more sample portions should be collected to properly represent the lot.  

Sample so that the points are evenly spread out across the lot, as demonstrated in Table 2

Sampling in a manner like this, which is consistent with how compliance samples will be taken, will give the most accurate data for where your crop is at this point in time.

The plant should be cut in the top third of the plant and be just beneath the flower as shown in Figure 1. After sampling the lot, the portions should be ground or broken up into small portions so that the sample volume being submitted is homogenous.

Once homogenized the samples are sealed in proper containers and all regulatory paperwork completed including Chain-of-custody documentation. At that point the samples are packaged and transported to the laboratory for analysis.

See the USDA Hemp Sampling Training and the TDA Sampling Guide for more information. 

Diagram showing Hemp Field Sample Navigation

Table 2

Figure showing where to cut sample

Figure 1

How to properly Package your samples

For Pick Up

If you have scheduled a pickup please prepare samples in containers for delivery and have forms with samples. Please call the lab (936-653-3249) with any preparation or analysis questions as the courier may not be familiar with the specifics of the sample analysis needs.

For Shipping

If you are shipping the sample via USPS include the sample submittal form fully identifying each sample portion. Please email to notify the lab of the incoming sample and any associated tracking numbers with your shipment.

For Texas Department of Agriculture compliance

Please make sure your sample is accompanied by a copy of your Grower’s Permit and state issued manifest. We can receive your samples in any way you can get them to us; Paper bag to prevent mold or plant pathogens and diseases to develop. Please label your bag with the same Client and sample ID that you write on the form.

For CBD oils and tinctures

Make sure lids are tightly secured to prevent leaking and properly wrap the product to prevent breaking. Label each bag and sample clearly with your Client and Sample identifier. 

For Terpenes

Do not dry sample or heat samples.

When shipping please wrap any glass containers to ensure that breakage is minimized.

Please fill out the Chain of Custody Form and print or email to

Call (936)-653-3249 if you have any questions.